Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've moved

I've blown the cobwebs off the keyboard and moved my blog to Wordpress:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Working at my "cognitive edge"

It is possible to enter an entirely new field of study and experience the sensation that you instincitvely "know" it, and yet find it pushes you to your intellectual limits.

In December last year I completed an inspiring and mind-expanding training course in the Cognitive Edge framework and methods (formally known as the Cynefin Framework). Course presenter and framework founder, Dave Snowden, kept course participants on the edges of their seats and at the edges of their cognitive limits, while matter-of-factly laying down the framework foundations for us (fabulous facilitation was provided by Viv Read and others from SOLA).

I finished that course with ideas exploding through my head of how the methods could be used within my agency or elsewhere for that matter, to the point where I think it was somewhat overwhelming. I regret to say that not knowing where to start, coupled with that pesky demanding "day job" has seen me do nothing with Cognitive Edge since then.

After recently switching onto the Blogosphere I've found so much more material to inspire me, so..... crunchtime is here. This blog is my first step in making sense of complexity and all that I have learned, through regular tracking of my research, exploration of ideas and hopefully stimulating conversations. I am planning to publicise my blog to colleagues within my agency in the very near future (say 6 weeks away..?) as a way to start conversations internally about how to apply the concepts and methods encapsulated in Cognitive Edge.

If you are an accredited Cognitive Edge practitioner who, like me hasn't been sure where to start - or you have made some progress and can share what you have learned - I'd love to hear from you.

Cheers for now,

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Most Significant Change

The guys at Anecdote have been developing Zahmoo - an as-yet-unveiled software to assist in using the Most Significant Change technique. (The little I know so far of this method indicates it could be invaluable in evaluating the kinds of catchment/land management programs that my organisation tackles.

Today they invited Zahmoo blog visitors to contribute their Most Significant Change in relation to The Blogosphere. I posted a story about a negative experience (googling my name to find an unpleasant depiction of me by another blogger) that was part of the boost that got me up and blogging myself.

On reflection I realised that the temporary breakdown in the act-km yahoo group was indicative of the very limitations of the discussion list medium itself. Blogging for me offers not only the ability to wrestle back power over my identity in the virtual world, but also provides the many "rooms" needed to allow creative debate and discussion to flourish without the kind of fallout experienced during that incident. At the risk of perpetuating a label with too much baggage already - this little voice may have found her place in the world.

Bear with me as I settle into my new "house" and drop in ever now and then for a chat - I think there's going to be plenty to talk about!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Serendipitous Connections" is my first foray into blogging. With a slightly daggy wink at my full name, the title also reflects the topics I wish to explore here:
  • Complexity - social complexity and complex adaptive systems, and
  • Networks - social network analysis and networked goverment.

Not immediately obvious in the title is the third key area of interest: the application of the above knowledge to natural resource management, and to water quality and catchment management in particular.

It is:

A journal of personal learning...
A repository for my research...
A space in which to explore and sort through my ideas/questions/puzzles...

... all this and more (I hope!).

I have commenced this blog as a personal commitment to my professional development but expect that before long I will be actively sharing it with colleagues, fellow practitioners, friends ..... who knows? Serendipity will happen!

I look forward to the journey.